Mathswork Of The Universe.

Origin; Energy; Dynamics; Conscience; Eternity!

Origin of the Universe from a dimensionless and beginningless Infinite Zero, willing its Infinite Energy for Finite compositions of finitely centered Coordinate Zeroes of the diverse dimensions constituting diverse universal dynamisms. Just as a Zero, originless and dimensionless Infinite Zero or centered Coordinate Zeroes, none the other.


Zero, exclusive and inclusive by infinity and inherence: in, by and beyond an ever changing Universe. Forever as the Common Knower and just the Common Being centered in, of, by, for and from all of us! Knowing from here, there or anywhere as Coordinate Zeroes; Just as a Zero, Knowing no other and ecstatically Absolute, immediate and Infinite Forever!

Omniscience; Cosmology; Organics; Sociology; Theology!

cloud computation


mathswork ∆ cyber automation.