Mathswork.Com is an amalgamation of Google Suite and Google App Engine products configured to function as Name.Mathswork.Com, a cubic wWw mathematic home and website for Mathematicians. Functions exclusively on Google Cloud Configurations.

Live mathswork simulations, study and research by access to academy and mathematic institutions, intimations, case preparation, collaboration, to live cyber tuition on e classrooms: All multi tasking instantly by single secure Google login on a mobile phone.

All Google Suite products starting from Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Hangouts, Meet, Maps, Videos, Classrooms etc., and upcoming innovations... a Google ID including Android Login configured and securely branded for the Mathematic Profession as Name@Mathswork.Com

Mathswork.Com launched to orbit along Lawcube.Space, Medicube.Space and Aerocube.Space in axis with Cubot.Space powered by Automact.Com