Mathematically comforted Mathswork.Com E-Campus configuration is an amalgamation of Google Suite and Google App Engine technologies configured to function as a Mathematics School, a cubic wWw mathematic home and website for Mathematicians. Functions exclusively on Google Cloud Configurations.

Live mathswork simulations, study and research by access to academy and mathematic institutions, , collaboration, to live cyber tuition on e classrooms: All multi tasking instantly by single secure Google login on a mobile phone.

All Google Suite products starting from Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Hangouts, Meet, Maps, Videos, Classrooms etc., and upcoming innovations... a Google ID including Android Login configured and securely branded for the MatMathematic Profession.

Mathswork.Com launched to orbit along Lawcube.Space, Medicube.Space and Aerocube.Space in axis with Cubot.Space powered by Automact.Com