Short briefs to master the art of swift cyber actions branded for the mathematics profession.

On admission with student's ( Google ) gmail id, id gets recorded in School and the specific classes involved. Assigned Teacher's will be intimated and Teacher will share a Mathswork Folder on Google Drive to Students. Students are advised to save/organize all work related to Maths in appropriate folders within the shared mother folder Named Mathswork. Everything else continues easily by accessing relevant links in Classrooms.

( ...Install Google Meet, Classroom and all relevant Google Apps on your mobile for a cyber edge in mathematic Profession.

Students may be on any mobile or device and Mathswork.Mathswork.Com Branded Google Suite products including hangouts MEET* are cross platform compatible and need no installations on clients' side..

Students can also work offline by setting options of relevant docs for offline mode....

Quick Meet Tip: when an event is added to one's calendar with invitees' email, the event will automatically be added for video conferencing on one's Meet app, accessible in Class. The same will be added to invitees' Calendar and Meet app after confirmation. Just move on meet creating or uploading docs and collaborating with them, by organizing content into a client's folder on Drive... and do much more....

* Google Products branded by Mathswork.Com for the Mathematic Profession.

** User friendly Interactive Tools accessible from Google Suite Product Menu for Lawcube.Space

*** Additionally exclusive Mathswork.Com configurations branded on Google Suite.

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