Short briefs to master the art of swift cyber actions branded for mathematics education and profession.

Instructions for Students:

1.) Students login with their enrolled Google Ids or School granted branded Gmail ids on their Mobile, Lap/Desk tops, TV, Smartwatches or any device.

2.) Visit tutorial online on Mathswork.Com and get into respective Classrooms Link on E-Campus after navigating/exploring interactive options on menu on scheduled time. (Latecomers may replay)

3.) On your Classrooms, your respective class teacher's introductory narrative stands first with options to contact them instantaneously on Gmail

4.) Calendar, Timetable, Syllabus apprise you the conduct and conclusion of classes.

5.) Next, videos of conceptual explanations of every class are ever live on YouTube Video boxes in every classroom respectively.

6.) Web Desk in your classroom takes you to Google Drive for all your educational work and documentations: Create / or access a shared ( by tapping shared folders ) mother folder on Google Drive named School.

7.) Live Classes link takes you to Google Meet for Live classes by your teacher who also records your attendance. Class teacher also shares screen while prompting on Google Docs, Slides etc on Meet. representing your class board.

8.) Classwork link takes you to Google Class for acknowledging and executing classwork. Teachers also analyse and refine your work therein immediately.

9.) Teacher appropriately after analysis of your work, assign independent homework and subjected to corrections if necessary, re apprise you.

10.) Class tests or scheduled exams are conducted on Classrooms and after evaluation, Teacher subjects you for re comprehension appropriately.

11.) All advances are notified through Gmail for every student to prompt back appropriately.

12.) Principal analyses the entire exercise and apprises you and your parents accordingly.

Support Links:

( ...Install Google Meet, Classroom and all relevant Google Apps on your mobile for a cyber edge in mathematic Profession.

Students may be on any mobile or device and Mathswork.Com Branded Google Suite products including hangouts MEET* are cross platform compatible and need no installations on clients' side..

Students can also work offline by setting options of relevant docs for offline mode....

Instructions for Teachers:

1.) Registered faculty of school "Teachers" and staff are abinitio logged in and in coordination with the school on their school GSuite I'd or recorded Google ids; after interactions with Principal if necessary; shall visit respective classrooms on E-Campus of the school, and proceed by Timetable therein.

Notice the Menu on Top of Right Hand Side of Your Screen for all options to organize your classroom. (On edit mode for the website)

Onetime: Populate introduction Videos of yourself and your credentials on top of classroom.

Insert Timetable from prepared Sheets.

Day to day: Open Cabinet and access your School/Class folder shared with Principal and Management on Menu Options:- "Shared Folders" and access class folders by relevance.

2.) Prepare introductions and other course material anytime through your Cabinet link therein that takes you to your Google Drive with all optional facilities to create new docs, slides, spreadsheets etc...

3.) Record or populate ready videos of conceptual explanations titled appropriately and named accordingly by classes by uploading to school YouTube channel accessible therein. Thereon, additionally insert/remove necessary day to day videos into the classroom additionally apart from channel box by clicking plus boxes. All such videos are reviewable by students and teachers on school channel categorized by classes.

4.) Insert the prepared slideshows on Presentation link into Classrooms.

5.) Tap Live Class that takes you to Google Meet, for conducting live classes and recording attendance on your spreadsheet on Google Drive. Share screen on Meet-options to students, while working out on Google Docs as class blackboard.

6.) Tap Classwork to assign students with Classwork, tests or exams and correct them accordingly.

End classes by prompting students into secular Prayer hall link therein.

Report to Principal and move privately on your mobile; you'll be notified on Gmail when students/parents contact you meanwhile.

Management and staff:

To manage School, organize a folder named SCHOOL with apps:- Gmail, G Drive, G Slides, G Meet, G Photos, G Chat, G Duo etc., and easily navigate thereon.

And/or all Google apps and coordinate accordingly.. all made easy.

Note:- In Classrooms, Interim Desk and Interim Cabinet are for onboarding tutors with their trial Gmail id; while exclusively named Cabinet and Desk are for Tutors enrolled as Faculty.

1. Create a parent folder titled "School" on GDrive and sub Folders titled "Class Rooms" therein.

2. Create more sub folders like Economy, Government Interactions for accredition, Detailed Faculty list, Detailed Staff List, Press interactions etc., and organize them with much more sub Folders as convenient, perusing Google Spreadsheets etc.,

3. Share "Class Rooms" folder with respective class teachers by tapping Menu for options of each folder. Each Class Room folder shall have sub folders by subjects or more.

4. Inter communicate on G Chat, G Duo, G Meet etc., with staff or faculty

5. Browse class folders with different sub folders;- for different classes, thereby monitoring the function of each class.


1. If at all anyone faces any problem accessing the features on Classroom, the issue would only be lying on mobile browser. The issue would be resolved immediately on going to Menu > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data and Restarting their Mobile.

2. Hover on your browsing profile icon, on top right hand side of your browser page to confirm you are logged in with the appropriate Mathswork GSuite I'd or GMail I'd to attend School.

* Google Products branded by Mathswork.Com for the Mathematic Profession.

** User friendly Interactive Tools accessible from Google Suite Product Menu for Lawcube.Space

*** Additionally exclusive Mathswork.Com configurations branded on Google Suite.

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